1 jul. 2009



Listado de temas:
The Tributes --- Intro
Mic Geronimo --- The Natural (Remix)
Company Flow --- Vital Nerve
Grand, The Visitor --- Situation Critical
The Alamo --- X-Marks The Spots
The East Flatbush Project feat. Payday --- A Madman's Dream
Rawcotiks --- Nevertheless
Non-Phixion --- No Tomorow
The Imperial One feat.Ray Smoove Da Wiseman --- Madness
Demo Da Megga Megga Man --- Artificial MC
Mozes Gunn feat. Profound, Maintain & J.U.I.C.E. --- Verbal Warfare
Pack FM feat. The Last Emperor & Many Styles --- Complex Simplicity
Gab Gotcha feat. Juju of The Beatnuts --- On The Job
Lord Digga --- Man Digga Comin' Through
Cash A.K.A.V Vigilante --- Chillin
World Renown --- War Chant
Bronze Nazareth feat. Timbo King --- More Than Gold
Tha Good Sons --- Numerous Ways
Strong Peoples --- If Ain't Safe
Fresno A.K.A. Madsol --- Desar Feat. C.Rayz Wallz & Immortal Technique - Keep It Raw