6 jun. 2009

Elusive presenta : Deceiving the Right Eye of Confusion


Listado de temas:

A1 Intro
A2 One More Hit feat L*Roneous y Mikah Nine
A3 Watching You Rap feat Asop Tha Supahuman
A4 Bakery feat Abstract Rude
A5 Real Life feat Murs
A6 Actions Speak Louder Than Word feat Bizarro y The Gouch
A7 Whores feat Luckyiam.PSC
A8 Alert The Press feat Eligh--(Trumpet Josh Koslow)
A9 Stretching Space (Instrumental)
B1 Wealthy Mind feat The Grouch
B2 A Word feat Asop
B3 Multiplicity feat L*Roneous
B4 The Remedy feat The Grouch y Luckyiam.PSC
B5 Do For Self feat Murs
B6 Nirvana feat Eligh
B7 What Are You Saying feat Asop
B8 A Movie Called Life feat Bizarro
B9 Last Dream feat Mystik Journeymen