31 jul. 2008



Time To Suck

Listado de temas:
Aimless Lady [3.12] originally by Grand Funk Railroad
21st Century Schizoid Man [4.51] originally by King Crimson
Season Of The Witch [10.07] originally by Donovan and covered by Brian Auger
Sin's A Good Man's Brother [3.35] originally by Grand Funk Railroad
I'll Be Creeping [3.19] originally by Free
The Whip [2.54] written by Suck
Into The Fire [3.18] originally by Deep Purple
Elegy [2.58] originally by Colosseum
War Pigs [7.14] bonus track on CD, originally by Black Sabbath - first released on the Rock Today With The Big Heavies compilation album

Stephen Gilroy: Guitar
Saverio "Savvy" Grande: Drums
Louis Joseph "Moose" Forer: Bass
Andrew Ionnides: Flute and Vocals